FIKA Public Eatery – Sunter, North Jakarta

It’s the day after Christmas. Me and my colleagues decided to meet after pushing back the dates quite some time. We wanted to surprise a colleague of mine so we tried to set the meeting place near her office which is in North Jakarta. I searched on the internet a decent place to eat our lunch and one place got my attention. Honestly, I had never heard of this place before. It’s Fika Public Eatery in Sunter, North Jakarta. I didn’t have any hard time going to this place. I only followed Google Maps and voila, we arrived.

The place was divided into two sections, outdoor part with no air conditioner and indoor part with full air conditioner. I’d say I love the interior of this place, it’s simply, white and brown. The first floor consisted of some seats and high tables. The second floor was indeed a bigger space than the first floor. If you have a party, maybe you could book entire the second floor. The cleanliness was somehow really met up to my standard.

We ordered a plate of chicken katsu with rice and Iced tea (28k), 1 penne carbonara (45k), 1 tuna aglio olio (40k), 1 Yakult Ice Peach (25k). Price wise, this place was value for money kind of place.

IMG_8081.JPGimg_8061img_8027My bff told me the chicken katsu with rice was kind of okay but he accepted it just because of the price. It was somehow saltier than it should but overall, it’s still acceptable. Besides, it comes with a big glass of iced tea, could we still complain? NO.


The tuna aglio olio was really good in presentation and taste wise. I loved it. They had been generous in giving a quite amount of shredded tuna in the pasta. I also liked they made it spicier than any other restaurant did, just because I like spicy things, but if you don’t like spicy dish, just tell the waiter.

img_8076img_8064My colleague liked her penne carbonara. It was creamy pasta with a good aroma and balanced taste. Overall, it’s a great dish to try. She didn’t have any complain on this one.


The last, I ordered a glass of Yakult Ice Peach Tea and I tell you what, this drink was amazing. I really loved it. The balanced flavour of peach syrup and yakult made this drink so fragrant yet tasty.


I would recommend this place for typical office lunch or a place that offers value for money kind of place. If you pass Sunter and don’t know a good place to eat, maybe you could try this place.

FIKA Public Eatery
Ruko Danau Sunter Utara, Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Blok D1 No. 11D, North Jakarta
021 21889061 ext:803
8am to 10pm 
Cost for two: Rp. 150.000,-

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