The Last Message: The Story of the Lost Daughter

Today, I listened to a great sermon but it’s not just the sermon that’s good but the story too. Here’s my version of this great story. I named it “The Last Message.”

Heather was a single mother who lived in Brooklyn City. She had a daughter, Cindy, who was barely finished her study at her college. Cindy was a girl who had colorful punk rock hair with tattoos, piercings and dressed in a boyish style. Heather loved Cindy so much, not lesser than her elder brother or sister. Cindy was involved in adultery, thievery, and in using drugs. Her mother warned her thousand times that she should change her way. Her circle of friends was so poisonous that they made her act and looked like them. Heather couldn’t stop Cindy from her unspeakable sins. She could only pray.

One day, Cindy and her mother had a big argument. They were venting their anger towards each other. Heather was so hurt but so did Cindy. Cindy couldn’t stand having a control-freak mother like Heather. She moved out from her house and she also moved from Brooklyn to Jersey City. Heather tried to find her with her best effort and with her broad connections but she failed to locate her daughter.

Two months after Cindy moved out from Brooklyn, she messaged her mother that she was fine and she shouldn’t worry about her. Heather tried to call Cindy back but she didn’t pick up the phone. Every day, she tried to call her daughter but no one picked up the phone. Heather’s friends told her that she should take a break from all of this drama. They tried to convince her to forget about Cindy and focus on the other children instead. Heather couldn’t do that. Half a year passed by without a call or a letter from her daughter.  She was tired of trying, so she gave up contacting her daughter but she wasn’t forgetting to pray for Cindy every night.

Two years went by just like that. Heather was living her life as usual with her remaining son and daughter. There were worries in her heart sometimes when she thought of Cindy but she believed God will protect her. One morning, the phone rang, it’s from Cindy’s friend in Jersey City. Suddenly, she was crying out so loud because her daughter had just died. She fell off to the floor and in tears. She cried her heart out like never before. The feeling of losing her daughter was totally unbearable for her. Cindy’s friend told Heather her apartment’s address and she told her that Heather could come.

The next day, Heather was driving to Jersey City alone. She was so sad that she couldn’t bear to listen to any songs on the radio. She turned off the radio and suddenly she thought of Cindy’s childhood. A small sweet little girl that always stick with Heather whenever she could. Her sweet voice was recalled in Heather’s mind. Tears flowed out from both of her eyes. It was a terrible trip. After she arrived at Cindy’s apartment, she was shocked that her daughter was living in this slum area in the city. It’s so dirty and the air was not good at all. She was in doubt whether she will go into the apartment or not. It took her five minutes to convince herself that she should at least took some of Cindy’s things as mementos. She made her way into Cindy’s apartment. In her mind, she made the worst scenario of Cindy’s apartment. She was afraid she couldn’t handle it, but  she persisted and she went into the room. To her surprise, her apartment was so neat. It was like Cindy was not living here at all. At the dresser table beside her bed, she found an envelope. It was addressed to Heather but it was never sent.

She opened her daughter’s letter. It’s written like this:

Dear Mom,
Sorry, I haven’t called you for years. I was wrong, Mom. I apologize for everything that I had done to you, sorry if I couldn’t be the nicest girl for you. But you know what? Now, I was changed. I accepted Jesus as my savior. My life was not broken like before. He led me into the right path. You should believe in Him too. By the way, I am going back home in two weeks time. Please wait for me. You’ll be surprised at how I’ve changed. See you mom. I love you so much. ^^

Heather broke down after reading her daughter’s letter. Why couldn’t God let her meet her daughter first? Why did He take her so fast? Why?

From this story, there are some strong messages that we should know:

  1. Life is precious, time is precious, don’t waste them!
  2. Love your mother, family, friends because you won’t know when you will lose them. It could be today, it could be tomorrow. So, be the best for them while you could.
  3. People change. Even the worst sinner could turn into the nicest guy or vice versa, so choose the right path in your life.
  4. Learn to accept the fact. Don’t push yourself deeper in misery and let it destroy your life. You must conquer them.
  5. Sometimes the reality isn’t as beautiful as we hoped. This too will pass.

Cheers to better life guys!

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