Coffee Aya-Muara Karang, North Jakarta

To be honest, although I have been living in Muara Karang, I don’t know that this new place exists, seriously. I just happened to pass in front of it after my meal in Pasar Muara Karang at lunch time. Seriously, they need to make the signage of the coffee shop bigger!! I mean who would see that small black signage in front of the dark grayish background. It’s only written “aya” with a tree as a logo. Personally, I was so in love with the design. Simple and artistic. 

Moving on to the next part. The entrance was a big glass door but you just have to pull or push it, don’t slide it. I almost made a fool of myself from almost trying to slide it in my mind. LOL. I went into the place with my friends and honestly, this coffee shop was really simply beautiful. The interior was all in black, gray or white. There was only counter in white with a piece of menu from beautifully patterned and printed paper. There were some decorations in the back of the cashier. Beside it, there were only white walls with two lamps and some magazines. You know what, I love their magazine collections, so insta-worthy, you don’t have to bring it yourself.


I was greeted with a smile from the baristas. A great start. Nowadays, people use an iPad instead of a computer for order and payment tool. They also implemented it in this shop. Beside the menu, there were displays for these mini tartlets on a wood board that looked so cute. We asked why do they have only a few menu for the desserts. They explained they were just having soft-opening so there were still many things that lack but we were fine with it, though. We went up and there was this long table for 10 people, 4 tables for 2 people and seats for 4 or 5 people on the wooden platform. I totally love the interior designer. Simple and beautiful in white, so insta-worthy. There was this instrumental music playing softly in the background. It made this coffee shop looked so elegant and classy. I loved it so much.


For the drinks, we ordered one cup of latte (36K) and one cup of chocolate (32K) with some tartlets. There were 10 kinds of tartlets (10k each) but I chose white rum, pineapple, butterscotch, and tiramisu.


The latte was okay, kind of creamy but my friend said that it’s a good one, so this one was worth it



The hot chocolate was so good too. There was hint of bitterness of the dark chocolate. Good job.


The tartlets were the highlight of the day. It was so good, I almost let myself buy another two just because it’s so good and cute. I loved how tiramisu tastes so different in a good way. The white rum and butterscotch were somehow okay. The pineapple one was too sweet for my palate but it’s good too.

Weirdly, they didn’t serve matcha latte but instead a real green tea that was made using green tea from Japan. I should try it on the next visit. I haven’t got enough photos from this place. I will definitely come back here 100%. I’m serious, LOL.

Coffee Aya
Ruko Niaga, Muara Karang Blok Z8 Selatan no. 19, Pluit, North Jakarta
021 26080486
8am to 7pm 
Cost for two: Rp. 100.000,-

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