5 Signs of Wise People

People are trying hard to be clever. They go to the universities, attend courses, and do internship just to get those knowledge to let them go further in the cognitive zone. They often forget that cleverness is not all. Clever people could become a toxic person if they don’t use their cleverness in the right way. So, people always say they want to become wiser once they get older and older. But what is the quality of being a wiser person? There are 5 characteristics that wise people have or should have:


When I say leading, I mean he/she should have visions. There are several types of leading according to the subjects they lead:

Lead Down: Everybody do this. They should be able to lead their team members
Lead Laterally: They should be able to lead their peers
Lead Self: This is the most important ability to lead of the four
Lead Up: The hardest of all, they should be able to lead people who is more senior or older than them.

Without vision, you couldn’t complete the four. You will lack in some parts because you don’t know what to do. Wise people should have this ability.


Every people has their own dreams of what they want to be. People with big dreams are cool, but if you don’t have any plan to achieve it, you will go around and around hoping that someday you will achieve it in their own way. For example, you want to go to Singapore. You should have a plan before the trip. You should buy tickets, rent hotel room, get some pocket money, prepare your belongings for the trip, et cetera. You have those plans before you go for the trip. If you don’t have any real plan, then you would go there and you won’t know where to sleep, what to wear, where to go. It will waste your time. So stop wasting your time and make your plan, either long term or short term plan. Both will do good for you.


Even the cleverest people could fall if they don’t have any control of themselves. They should have barometer in their life aspects. The life aspects are spiritual, physical, relationship, financial, and emotional. For example: In the financial aspects, there are things that you should earn, give, invest/save, loan, and spend. Wise people should have barometer of those things. If the earning stays the same as before, how would you do with the rest of them? You should give some of your earnings for your parents, invest some money in properties, get bank loan if you want to start business, and spend some money for your needs. All of them should have barometers. The spending shouldn’t rise if your earning is the same as before, etc. Be in control, measure what you have.


Wise people should be able to provide guidance for another people. You will be able to share your knowledge and wisdom for other persons. In order to achieve it, you should be satisfied of life aspects. Only with that, you could guide another being to be wise.


I just know that even the richest/cleverest person has their own calculation of what they should reserve. Not only talking about money, but in other life aspects too. If you want to resolve a problem, you should come with plan A, B, or even C. Wise people always have back up plan if things didn’t work out in their favor. Always have plan B in any occasions, even in the simplest things.

This is a summary from a great sermon by Ps. Juan Mogi. God bless everyone!

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