Pantjoran Tea House – Glodok, Kota, Jakarta

Do you guys know Pancoran? A place where you could find almost anything in lower price and it’s more like a place with lots of traditional shops but who knows that in Pancoran there is actually a place where you could have high tea with dim sum and you could take a ton of photos just because it’s so insta-worthy. The place called Pantjoran Tea House. I just knew this place when i saw the updates from the fellow bloggers there. So, me and my BFF decided that we need to go there and after we went to FIKA Public Eatery in Sunter, we went to this place with ex-colleague.

This place is located in the corner of the main street, so you won’t have a hard time to locate it but the main problem is you will have a hard time to park if you go with a car. Sorry to say, it’s based on your luck to find a good parking spot. Me and my colleague were both blessed that day and we could park just across this place. From the entrance, it’s a typical Chinese restaurant look-alike, but i suggest you guys to go upstairs where all great photos came from. This place was so insta-worthy I just forgot how many times I clicked the shutter. The place was beautifully furnished and it has good lights, so it’s where all the magic begins. Okay, I sounded so cliché.


I just knew that besides selling tea, obviously, they also provide dim sum menu. We ordered chrysanthemum tea, shrimp shumai,  shrimp rolls, har gow, and egg wraps.


The dim sum was totally worth the price. I loved the presentation and the taste. I would recommend anyone to try it. Seriously, the shrimp roll and egg wraps were so good.


The chrysanthemum tea was so fragrant. we like it very much and we wanted to try the other menu and drinks but we were too full already. I was so sorry I forgot to take notes of the menu but we spent around 150k for 3 persons for all that menu. I think it was worth it.

Pantjoran Tea House
Jl. Pancoran Raya No.4-6
021 6905904
7am to 9pm 
Cost for two: around Rp. 100.000,-

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