Uncle Tjhin Bistro – PIK, North Jakarta

Last Saturday, I didn’t have anywhere to go then I stumbled upon a restaurant in PIK that’s called Uncle Tjhin. From the name itself, I got the vintage vibe and in my mind, it’s a family restaurant and it will be boring. Along with my BFF, I went here that Saturday. The minute we got into the place, my opinions and thoughts were shattered.img_8478-copy
It was located in line with Itadakimasu and Pappa Rich. Yes, it looked a lot like a family restaurant but they made it look like it’s for modern families and it’s also not a bad place for the youngster to hang out. The unique decorations and properties make it more modern. I liked it already. When the menu came, I was like so into the photos in the book. I mean it looked so good and the most important point is the price wasn’t that high compared to another bistro. You can have those cool menus for a more affordable price.img_8471-copyimg_8469-copyimg_8456-copyimg_8457-copy

We ordered Uncle Tjhin Supreme Pizza (78k), Nasi Uduk, Baked Potato Skin (37k), Grilled Salmon with Marmalade. for the drinks, we ordered a glass of infused water (25k) and a glass of hot tea.


The uncle Tjhin supreme pizza was quite good, nothing special, but I suggest they make used a lot more pepperoni and cheese to make it tastier because all I could think when chewing was the strong scent of bell pepper and I didn’t like it.


Pardon me, I forgot the price of Nasi Uduk but I think it was around 40k. This was so good. the smell and the taste of the rice itself perfectly matched our palate. The fragrant was so nice and the saltiness was appropriate. The side dishes was also brilliant. We suggest you try this menu if you come here.


The baked potato skin was truly good. The saltiness of the bacon and potato skin matched evenly and created such a balanced flavor. This one is recommended for your appetizer. It truly worths the price.


The grilled salmon was totally good too. It came with marmalade sauce and mashed potato. The marmalade sauce blended well with the saltiness of the . When we ate it, it felt so fresh. I hope they could add more marmalade sauce since it should be quite strong too but not overpowering each other. The portion was not that big, but it’s enough for strictly one person.


For the drinks, the lemon infused water was quite refreshing. It came with a small glass and you could refill it for like one or two times. If you want to drink more, this was not the one for you.


Overall, I love the interior, the atmosphere, and the food. The service was quite fast too. This place is recommended and I don’t know why people didn’t know why this place wasn’t packed even it was a Saturday afternoon.

Uncle Tjhin Bistro
Ruko Elang Laut, Blok D No. 33-35, Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
021 29866560
7am to 12pm 
Cost for two: around Rp. 150.000,-

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