I will introduce you to a story that I personally made. This story is called Guardians of The North. Initially, I want to make an action-fantasy novel from this story but since I have only limited time to write it, I guess I will make a web series from this story. I will try to update it weekly. Hope you guys like it. Without further ado, this is Guardians of The North.

PART 1 – Intro: THE CALL

The sunlight penetrates the pores of my old curtains and it wakes me up. I open my eyes and grab the edge of small table beside my bed to help me sit. The clock shows 07:15 am, I’m startled. Hedrix will be mad at me if I come late. I’m currently working as a cashier in a large bookstore downtown called Leabhar. You could probably find any books in there if you patiently enough. I put on a yellow loose cloth and black pants, then I run to the store as fast as I can.

“You’ve been almost late for weeks. It’s 07:25 am. What have you done to old Elnias, the deer, who comes early,” says Hedrix in a pitiful manner.

“Lost perhaps,” I reply sarcastically. I hate him for adding the deer every time he calls me.

He’s giggling. I’ve been the cashier for over a year. Hedrix, the owner, trust me wholeheartedly because he never lost even one coin. The coin is the official currency of our country, The North.


 As the name suggests, we live in the northern part of the planet. The planet itself is called Valleria. We’ve called ourselves the Vallerians. Valleria is divided into four countries, The North, The South, The West, and The East. There has been cold-war between the four until now, so we never actually visit other countries since the day we were born. Rumor has it that each country has different seasons that will not change forever.

“Prepare yourself; the Provost will come here today,” says Hedrix. The provost is considered the leader of our city, Summerland.

“Today?” I shout at him unconsciously.

“Why are you shouting? Go, tell everyone about it,” He shouts at me.

“O…Okay,” I frantically run to tell the others.

As soon as I tell the bookkeepers, they run practically everywhere to start tidying up every corner of the bookstore. Leabhar will be closed today because of his visit. Lucius Gale, The Provost, likes to read and Leabhar is the perfect place for him to come every month to find the books. Last month, he bought piles of books, primarily about leadership and arts of war. I spent four hours calculating all the sum of money he should pay. I heard he is proposing to be a frontbencher next year. With the vast knowledge he has, I doubt the other contenders stand a chance against him.

“There he comes,” I say to the bookkeepers.

“Welcome to Leabhar, your honor,” all together in harmony.

The provost showers us with his trademark smile and it gives us shivers down our spine. He got frightening aura all over him. Beside him, there is a bodyguard whose name is Gregorius Lanc, he has been with Lucius since the day Lucius reign as the Provost.

Lucius walks gracefully to the cupboard that holds thousands of strategy books. As usual, he skimmed through the books before throwing it into the basket. All the girls tend to peek on him while he is skimming books. They said that he is truly charismatic and handsome. I try to ignore them to read my new book which called The Mysterious Valley. The book says there are four tunnels to go into the valley but nobody has ever seen one. I continue to read the book and lose myself until I hear a large bump on my cashier table. I startled a bit.

“Man, get these done fast,” Lanc says, gesturing me to calculate the coin he has to pay. “Don’t let the Provost wait too long or else,” he stared at me.

“O…Okay,” I calculate them as fast as I can. Two hours passed just like a minute. Finally, I finished calculating them.

“Twenty-five thousand and four hundred coins,” I say to them.

“Here,” he says it so peacefully unlike two hours ago.

“What is that book?” Lucius asks curiously.

“Just a book I love, The Mysterious Valley,” I say.

“I am quite interested in that book. I have a proposal for you,” he says solemnly. “I will pay you one hundred coins if you can tell me everything about that book, deal?” he asks me.

“Sure, but I haven’t done with it,” I say.

“I will wait,” he replied.

“Well, if you insist. I guess I could,” I say.

He smiles and gives me his name card. “Meet me there when you are done,” he continues.

(TBC – To be Continued)…

Next parts are available in Guardians of The North Category.

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