Waroeng Mama Ong – Simprug Gallery, Blok M, South Jakarta

I’ve planned to go to this place for two months already. Initially, I was going to go here with only my bff but along the way, there are two more good friends of mine that we invited along to savor the goodness of humble food. This place is called Waroeng Mama Ong. It was located at Simprug Gallery, South Jakarta. It was not the easiest place to find, but luckily, we managed to see the black signboard at the front of Simprug Gallery. The place was only at the right-hand side from the entrance to this gallery.  


When I entered this place, I was like OMG!! this place looked so good. Thanks too big frame-squared glass at the front and the right side of this place. Some part of the floors were made of cement and it would look good on camera. I also liked that they managed to put some sets of big comfortable sofas for people who enjoys only coffee here. The rest of the room was filled with dinner tables that were meant for four people each. Besides that, I was so intrigued by pictures on the wall. It was hand-drawn by an artist I suppose and it looked so picturesque. There were also big smoking rooms for smokers.

We ordered a bowl of Indomie Ramen (28k), Indomie carbonara (28k), a signature dory rice bowl with dabu-dabu chili (38k) and a chicken strip mushroom rice bowl (36k), and one garlic cheese bread (28k). For the drinks, we ordered two glasses of iced tea and a glass of Teh Tarik, but I won’t review the drinks because those drinks were so common.


The Indomie carbonara was so cheesy. It was a good thing though because I liked the amount of shredded cheese on top of the noodles. Not the best Indomie I’ve tasted so far, but it’s quite good. A safe order for you guys.


The most recommended menu here was Indomie ramen. It came in a regular bowl with ramen-like soup. Honestly, it looked good when it arrived at our table. Unfortunately, my friend said that it was totally ordinary and another friend of mine said it was weird somehow. So, please think twice to order this one. It was totally edible btw, so if you want to try, it was totally fine.


The signature dory rice bowl with dabu-dabu chili was totally good. The chili was so good but one portion will make you full already because it comes in a big bowl. Totally no complain about this one.


The chicken strip mushroom rice bowl was quite good too. I mean nothing was special, but the mushroom sauce tasted quite good.


We also ordered garlic cheese bread. The bread and the cheese were so thick hence we liked it a lot. The portion was a little too small though but it came in a good presentation.

Because the place was so beautiful and decent food, we had a good time there.

Waroeng Mama Ong
Ruko Simprug Gallery, Jl. Teuku Nyak Arif 10, Blok M, Jakarta
021 29866560
8 am to 10 pm 
Cost for two: around Rp. 150.000,-

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