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“Certainly, your honor,” I say.

Apparently, I’m excited and spend the rest of the day reading the Mysterious Valley in my house. It’s not an easy task. The book contains more than two thousand pages. I don’t want to disappoint the Provost, thus I have to finish reading it soon. As soon as I reach one thousand pages, I feel asleep hence I throw myself onto the bed.

I open and rub my eyes slowly, then stretch my body. I wash myself quickly and go to the bakery to buy a bread and coffee for my breakfast. The sun shines so brightly today. At 07:10 am, I arrive at the bookstore. Hedrix looks delighted today.


“Look, my old El is back, you come early today,” says Hedrix.

I throw my best smile on him. He always treats me like a little boy; In fact, I’m already seventeen years old.

“Cut it out, please,” I beg him pitifully. I place myself behind my cashier desk and start reading and stopping if there’s a customer who wants to pay. It takes three days for me to finish The Mysterious Valley.

“At last, three days,” I say. I am amazed how fast I read that book.

“You read that book in three days?” says Hedrix in awe. “You’re talented, aren’t you?” he continues.

“I sacrificed my bedtime and you call that talent?” I say. We both laugh happily.

“Well, I am really curious about our talent. Rumor says there’s a facility in the Capital Fortress that can uncover one’s talent in seconds. Isn’t that wonderful?” says Hedrix in excitement. “It doesn’t come free, you have to be chosen by the guardians themselves,” he adds.

“What do they find in somebody before choosing them?” I ask.

“The head of the guardian has the talent to see talent inside somebody but he has no power to uncover it. Last year, they recruited a girl as the sixth guardian. They said she has the talent with traps and she is trained in combat,” says Hedrix.

“It must be hard to be the Guardians, they have to lead the war and protect the government,” I say.

“El, maybe you have epic talent too, don’t you think?” he asks.

“I wish I had none, I hate wars,” I say.

“OK, throw all those rubbish topics. Don’t you want to visit the Provost today?” he asks bluntly.

“Good gracious. I’ll go now, please cover for me Hedrix.,” I beg.

Hedrix is like my own family. He’s the only one who helps me since my dark childhood days. I haven’t seen my parents since I was born. Hedrix says my parents are taken by The West as a token for the peace treaty between The North and The West. They serve as the scientists for their laboratory. I haven’t heard any news about them. There is no road existed between the countries and we aren’t allowed to venture through the Golden Gate; the enormous gate that has been sealed and guarding us against the outside world since a long time ago. As the matter of fact, no one has ever seen the world outside the gate beside the guardians and some soldiers.

“What a fancy office he had,” I say in awe. The luxurious furniture in his office astonishes me.

“Here you are, come,” says Lanc. He gestures me to follow him through the deeper part of the office.

“There you are. How are you, El?” Lucius asks.

“I am fine, I guess,” I say.

“Let’s start right away,” says Lucius in a graceful manner. It’s almost one hour for me to tell him the story of the Mysterious Valley.

“That’s all,” I say.

“Interesting story, I wonder if the valley really exists. Would you like to accompany me to find that valley, young man?” Lucius asks.

“Well, it is not that I don’t want to. I got a job to do,” I say.

“I will make sure to reward you greatly, besides that, there’s the unbeatable Lanc here, and you won’t be harmed. He is there to protect us,” he says.

“B…But it’s forbidden to travel outside the gate. It’ll give us death penalties,” I say.

“I have connections that will gladly escort us slip through the gate,” says Lucius.

“Then count me out, your honor. I’ll go now,” I say. I turn my back and start walking out until Lanc blocks my way. “Please respect the Provost. You can’t walk out until you are permitted,” says Lanc.

“Don’t you think you could actually find your parents in The West if you find the valley?” Lucius asks in a serious and intriguing manner.

(TBC – To be Continued)…

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