Power Rangers The Movie Reboot (2017) Synopsis – Rangers or Superheroes?

Trini: “Me and four kids found a spaceship buried underground. I’m pretty sure I’m a superhero.”

Billy: “Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?”

Superhero doesn’t come from good A+ kids in school. In becoming a superhero, one must be brave, loyal, and honest. This movie began its story focusing on each teenager that later will hold the duty as a guardian of life, Power Rangers. We all know Power Rangers however in this movie, they made it much more modern and not predictable compared to the TV series. Well, I don’t care how many people say this movie isn’t worth your money, this is still Power Rangers.


In prehistoric earth, the power rangers were given responsibility to guard the Zeo Crystal that has enormous power. However, the green ranger, Rita Repulsa, betrayed them. Before she could take the rangers’ power source, the power coin, Zordon told alpha 5, humanoid robots, to send meteor and it killed Zordon and blew Rita to the bottom of the sea.

In modern time, Jason Scott is the hottest sports star in the town, Angel Grove. With his handsome looks and brilliant sports skills, his future is surely bright. However, things turned worse. He made a careless decision by doing a prank, sadly he failed. Not only being thrown off the team, he was placed under house arrest and he needed to go to detention class for a year. In that class, he encountered Billy and Kimberly. He was helping Billy in slapping the bully so he won’t bully Billy anymore. Billy was so grateful and started to befriend Jason. Jason was refusing softly and said that he couldn’t go anywhere because, on his leg, there is this device that will detect him if he is still outside of the house at 7 pm. Billy told him to come to his house for he could hack into the device. For the exchange, Jason will have to escort Billy into an abandoned gold mine to explore but in the process, Jason left him and saw Kimberly that jumped off the cliff into the stream. Afraid that Kimberly can’t swim, he wanted to jump off and help her that Kimberly soon appeared behind him and stopped him. Suddenly, there is an explosion near them. Billy detonated some rocks and it made Jason, Kimberly, and fellow classmates Trini and Zack into that place. They found power coins and took each one for them. Unfortunately, the detonation attracted the police attention. They managed to escape but their car was hit by a train.

The next day, they found themselves at home, undamaged. They didn’t know how they could go back to the home yesterday. Additionally, they found out they became super strong like superman strong. Elsewhere, Rita’s body was found by the fisherman and she rose into life again and started collecting gold to revive her Goldar in order to find the location of the Zeo Crystal.


The five came back to the mine and discovered space ship. They met Alpha 5 and Zordon. Sadly, only Zordon’s consciousness that’s left, the body was long gone. They informed the rangers that Rita will back in her full power. She will find the Zeo Crystal and destroy all life on earth in 11 days. The rangers were not even interested in protecting earth but since they wanted to find the answer about what was going on with them, they came back to train as rangers. Unfortunately, they tried to morph into battle armor but they can’t. They spent a week on training but all effort was gone in vain. They didn’t event know how they could morph. Seeing this, Alpha 5 escorted them to see the Zords. He was hoping that the rangers could get motivated. Zack was taking his zords out for a ride but he couldn’t control it yet so in the end, he crashed the zords into the cave where they train and almost kill all the other rangers. Because of his reckless, Jason and Zack got into a fist fight and they were stopped by Billy as he morphed into blue ranger with the battle armor. Everyone was forcing him to tell them how to change, but Billy didn’t even know how he could change.

Seeing how the five failed to morph, Zordon dismissed the group. Jason went back to Zordon and accidentally heard that once the five morphed into rangers, Zordon could use the morphing Grid to come back to life. Jason felt betrayed by Zordon and accused him of using the five for his own good. Later, the five camped around the cave and got into serious talk of introducing their life so that they could bond better with each other. That might be the key to morph.


Later that night, Rita came to Trini’s house and tried to make her lure the other rangers to the dock. They came in hoping they could stop Rita before she made Goldar. Unfortunately, they lose because they can’t morph yet. In the process, Rita finally knows from Billy where the Zeo Crystal is and she killed Billy cold-bloodedly. They took Billy’s body to the Zordon’s hideout and they persuaded Zordon to resurrect Billy but he tells them he can’t. At last, they were willing to give their life for each other. That’s when the morphing grid is unlocked. Instead of reviving himself, Zordon revived Billy. They moved up into the circle and started to morph into the rangers’ battle armor.


Rita raised Goldar from all the gold she collected, released the army of Putties, and she attacked the city of Angel Grove. The rangers went into the city in their zords and started to destroy Goldar and putties. Goldar successfully pushing the rangers into the fiery pit but in return, the zords were combining themselves and raised up as Megazord. Rita merged up with Goldar and tried to battle the Megazord but she lose and she was sent by the Megazord to the outer space.

Credit Scene: in the middle credit scene, the teacher announced that Tommy Oliver will join them. Hint given: It’s a green ranger!


P.S: There will be movie sequels coming our way guys!

Photo Credit: Google Images, Getyourcomiccon

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