For you guys who haven’t read the previous part, here is the link: Part 1 – Intro: The Call,  Part 2 – Intro: The Meeting, Part 3 – A Secret Task

Part 4: THE BASE

It takes only five minutes for the plane to take us to the base. The base is surely breathtaking as it’s seen from plane’s window. It’s located on the hill of Veinhegard. As I step on the ground, I feel the cool wind blow past through me. Although it’s the base of the guardian, it feels like heaven because it is so peaceful. We pass through the giant gate which is automatically opened when Harlain put the badge numbered one in the slot. Practically, I am astonished by such technology they have. Every guardian has his or her own badge. The badge itself is very distinctive in shape.

As we enter the gate, there is a thin oval plate floating and moving from the left side of the wall and it stops right in front of us. “Get on,” says Harlain. I reply with a slight nod and get on the plate. Almost in a blink of eyes, we arrived in an extremely large room decorated with gold engravings around the dome like ceilings. The walls are made of marble while the dome itself is made of colorful glass, makes the room looks so well decorated. I have never been to such an artistic place. There are hundreds of youngsters training downstairs but they escort me to a room which has a nameplate on the door. It says “Dr. Fuelle Belezza,” I am a bit taken aback, why they take me here. I don’t even have a scar hence what is there to fix.

“What’s the doctor for? I don’t even feel sick” I ask them.

“Just get into the room, El,” says Demitrius. He pushed me softly into the room. I embolden myself to step in when they close the door and leave.


“What a luxury office she has,” I whisper to myself.

“A pretty young boy they brought here,” says the woman in the blue coat. “You must be Elnias, Harlain talked about you before, how big have you grown?” she continues.

“Yeah, sort of, and do I know you? Have you ever seen me before?” I ask bluntly.

“I am Dr. Fuelle Belleza, head of the medical department in Veinhegard. The very best companion of your parents,” says Fuelle.

“Wait, you know my parents? Why did they leave? What is the reason?” I ask. Questions start to flow out my mouth and don’t stop until she snaps her finger.

“Enough, it’s too long to be told. Time will tell you,” she says. She doesn’t even know how I barely survived those miserable nights. If Hedrix were not there to help me and give me a job, I would already die of starvation.

“Now, pretty boy, sit down,” she calmly says. Rattling sounds comes loud when she clicks the button on her desk. The room starts to descend because I feel my body is pulled hard downwards while I’m sitting. The sounds come to a stop.

“Follow me,” she says. When she open the entrance, it is a completely different area. The ceiling isn’t that high, the walls made of metal plates, and the area is filled with people in the white coat.

“Is this sort of laboratory?” I ask.

“Good guess, dear, this is the headquarters of royal medical squads,” she says.

“So, these people only work for the king?” I ask.

“Exactly,” says Fuelle.

Since there are so many things new to me, I have to adjust myself and admire them utmost. Not even one building in Summerland comes close to this headquarters. Fuelle lead me to a big room with the blue glowing tube, which is filled with water. She opens a cabinet beside the entrance and gives me a pack of black outfit. I open them instantly, stretch the outfit and frown at her.

“Do you expect me to change into this suit? This is so not my style” I ask.

“Well, you have to,” she says. She shows the change room. I change into the tight black outfit and find her outside.

“What do you want me to do in this suit?” I ask.


“You are the curious type, don’t you? You ask too many questions already. Just be quiet and go on with the procedures,” says Fuelle. She leads me into the dry tube and asks me to stand on it. Getting into it doesn’t make me nervous but once the glass began to slide up and the water is poured into the tube, I feel my hands are shaking. I stare at Fuelle but she gives me a sign, showing me that I’ll be okay, and I could relieve a bit. Soon as the tube is full of water, I feel very tired and lose my awareness. “Will this be the birth of new me?” I thought to myself.

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