4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Fighter of Destiny TV Series

TV series drama is surely catching my attention these days, from K-Drama to C-Drama. After finishing my last tv series, I wondered what to watch next. Fortunately, I found one tv series that caught my eye! Do you guys know about Fighter of Destiny? It’s a new WuXia TV series from mainland China. With 50 more episodes, I bet you guys will really enjoy this series so much. Why?


Here are  4 reasons why you should watch Fighter of Destiny Series:



Who doesn’t know Luhan, right? The ex-member of phenomenal Kpop Group, EXO. Now, he is a solo artist and one of the most wanted stars in China. He played as the genius young Taoist, Cheng Chang Sheng, who hoped to find a way to save himself from the force of the star that becomes poison-like material inside his body. Later, he becomes the head of Guo Jiao Academy.  Although this is his first main role for tv series and the first time he acted in an ancient costume, he totally nailed it. The character has almost the same attitude and character with Luhan himself, so the acting is quite natural.


The director isn’t joking when it comes to choosing the actors and actresses. Joseph Zeng, Guli Nazha, Janice Wu are the example of the pristine casts, not to mention Luhan. They are so beautiful and stay true to the characters from the series itself.

Luhan played as Cheng Chang Sheng
Guli Nazha played as Xu You Rong
Janice Wu played as Princess Luo Luo
Joseph Zheng played as Tang 36


The shooting took place in Shanghai and Hunan. When I saw the structure, I felt that it was so real and it was totally human-made construction, not computer-made.The blue pond and boat pavilion at the Empress’ palace is one of the examples of the beautiful setting. I will show some of the beautiful settings in this movie.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.02.56 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.06.01 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.10.42 PM.png


There are many sentences that almost brought me to tears. When you watch this series, you’ll know how intense the friendship is between teacher and students of Guo Jiao Academy. Here’s some of the example of what Tang 36 (Guo Jiao Academy Student) said to Cheng Chang Sheng, vice versa:

“Why do you wait until now to let us know about your disease? Don’t you regard us as your friends?” Tang 36 said.

“Rather than to see you guys sad and suffer because of me and my disease, I’d rather die,” Cheng Chang Sheng replied.

There’s also a scene like this,

“What did you make me drink? Medicine or blood? I don’t want your life. From now on, your life is mine,” Tang 36 stated. To which Cheng Chang Sheng replied with a warm smile, “Then, your life is mine too.”

I told you maybe it’s a cringe-worthy sentence but when it’s added by such good acting skills, it’s all become the feel you couldn’t handle. This is totally REAL friendship goals guys!!

With 20 episodes that were already broadcasted, I already found 4 reasons for you guys to watch it, so what are you waiting for?!!!! Go watch it here (english subs).

Credit: OneHallyu,


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