For you guys who haven’t read the previous part, here is the link: Part 1 – Intro: The Call,  Part 2 – Intro: The Meeting, Part 3 – A Secret Task, Part 4 – The Base

Part 5: THE NEW ME

“You are the curious type, don’t you? You ask too many questions already. Just be quiet and go on with the procedures,” says Fuelle. She leads me into the dry tube and asks me to stand on it. Getting into it doesn’t make me nervous but once the glass began to slide up and the water is poured into the tube, I feel my hands are shaking. I stare at Fuelle but she gives me a sign, showing me that I’ll be okay, and I could relieve a bit. Soon as the tube is full of water, I feel very tired and lose my awareness. “Will this be the birth of new me?” I thought to myself.

Slowly, I try to open my eyes and the first person I see is Fuelle. She holds my hand to calm me down. It feels like my body is renewed. The surge of exotic energy flows through my body. “You are alright, good job,” she says.

“What have you done to me?” I ask.

“You have a great talent, dear, and it was boosted to the utmost level. You will be trained to be the seventh guardian of the North,” says Fuelle. “Rest, for now, I’ll come for you tomorrow,” she continues. She leaves me behind and gets out of my room. Thoughts are running up in my mind about how I was chosen. Dizziness fills my head and I decide to sleep again.


“Wake up, it’s a big day, it’s 8:00 am already,” says Fuelle. She tells me to wash up and put on a thin training outfit with the purple accent. There’s a knock on a door. A red-haired girl comes in and puts down a tray of delicious food on the table. Judging by the smell of it, it must be delicious.

“Well, that’s your breakfast. Eat up and somebody will pick you up,” says Fuelle.

“Alright,” I say.

I stand in front of the mirror after I put on the training outfit.

“This is cool,” I say. Slowly, I open up the lid of the tray. The food is almost the same as the one that is shown on the television. There is a slice of roasted meat with barbeque sauce, a bowl of corn soup, a chunk of chiffon cake with fruits on it, and a glass of mineral water. Excitement feels my body and I start to fill up my stomach because never in my life, I eat something exclusive like this. It’s always a sunny side egg and bread in the morning. I finish them up in minutes.

There is a knock and the door and Demitrius show up with a smile on his face. It’s so different when I saw him yesterday. He seems more approachable now.

“Hey, how are you?” he asks.

“Great,” I say.

“Do you feel different?” he asks.

“Well, I think something is flowing inside me, It’s like there are some energy that moves in me,” I say with a frown on my face, not sure if it’s the power or just my feeling.

“That’s the first stage, El, once you go and train yourself, you’ll be more powerful than ever,” he says.

“Why do I have to train? I thought we are gonna go with Lucius outside the wall,” I say.

“Not so fast kid, there are hundreds of creatures trying to eat you up by the time you step outside the wall. Those creatures that are told in the legends, they exist. You have to be more powerful so you can defend yourself and Lucius,” says Demitrius.

“Lanc is there for safety reasons,” I say bluntly.

“Look, Lanc is similar to one of those soldiers, trained to be a bodyguard, not a monster slayer, but the guardians are both. We have to protect The King who occasionally goes outside the wall for meetings with Kings from the West, East, and South,” he says.

“So…,” I say.

“You are now one of the guardians of the North. Harlain doesn’t randomly pick people out of nowhere to be a guardian, he picks the best of its class,” he says.

“Then, I am the best at what?” I ask.

“We’ll know soon enough, come with me,” he says.

To be continued…

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