The Poem: My Brightest Star

Hi, everyone! I’m back!
I wrote a poem for you.
I was inspired by a film series that I watched for quite a few times already,

My Brightest Star

You’re like the brightest star I’ve ever seen
I could only see you shine from afar
Countless people try to get near you
but no one could reach you

Trying hard not to look at you
Trying hard not to have any expectation
Trying hard not to feel unworthy of your love
But how do I know you don’t like me too? I never tried

This is the last day of school
I want to give you something
Something that might make you remember me
Even when we’re a thousand​ miles apart

Walking towards your classroom full of anxiety
Hoping that you will accept this small box of hope
My feet come to a stop when I hear you say to your friends
“I don’t like that person, not even a bit”

That box of hope I have been holding on for so long
Falling shamelessly to the ground
Leaving nothing but a piece of paper
A piece of paper with no meaning anymore

I am running and running endlessly
Trying to find place where no one could see me cry
I want to make you stop shining in me but I couldn’t
You shine so bright that it’s hurting me now

I am done, baby
I am done,
I hope we both could find our own happy places in this world,
My brightest star, goodbye.

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