The Poem: My Brightest Star Pt.2

I’m back with my poem, The Brightest Star Pt. 2. Last two weeks, I made a poem for you guys based on a film series that I watched before. I wanted this second part to be more approachable so I made it like a story, not like the usual poem. I hope you guys could be in the poem, feel the character, or relate to this poem.

My Brightest Star (Pt.2)

One year passed by so fast
but this wound is still here
it’s still haunting me
every time I remember your face

It’s not an easy year for me
Although, because of you, I’m hurt
I still want to meet you again someday
but at that time, I want you to see the new me

I change everything about me
I want to be the best version of me
If we ever meet again,
I want you to fall in love with the new me

The first day of college, out of the blue
I meet you, the same you who hurt me a year ago
You don’t recognize me,
but you tease me like I’m your friend

I am mad at you, very mad
just because you are one year older
just because I like strawberry milk
It doesn’t mean you can tease me like I am a kid

Today, you are chosen to be the mentor of my group
You tease me and pay too much attention to me
but deep down inside me, I don’t want to get hurt again
I don’t want to put my hope on you, so I ignore you

One day, you will know that I am still the same person
the same person who wanted to give you the box of hope
I am afraid you will dislike me more
Weirdly, you pay a lot more attention to me than you’ve ever been before

I am asking myself
Do you like me too?
I am confused
Would there be anything of me that you like?

I don’t think so
I don’t think that’s the truth
Please don’t give me false hope
I’m begging you…. 

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