For you guys who haven’t read the previous part, here is the link: Part 1 – Intro: The Call,  Part 2 – Intro: The Meeting, Part 3 – A Secret Task, Part 4 – The BasePart 5: The New Me


Honestly, I was kind of dreaming to be one of the guardians, because they looked so cool. They were walking beside the king so gallantly. My heroic instinct somehow popped out of nowhere.

He escorts me to the elevator and it brings us to the lower level of the basement. We get out from the elevator and arrive at the training room. It’s a big hall full of many facilities which I haven’t seen before. One of them is a field with oval lines on it. It must be the running track. Truthfully said, I’m not really good at sport. I stop my gaze upon the only person in the training room.

“What are you staring at?” he asks.

“Who is that girl?” I ask.

“Oh, she’s Claire White. She was chosen from Mannard months ago. She will be trained as the sixth” says Demitrius. I nod my head several times. Looking at the girl throwing knives into the target so accurately, I am a bit taken aback. I doubt I could be that good.

“I look into your talent report by the lab, you have talents in speed and power,” he says.

“What is that mean?” I ask.

“Well, you can try your speed by dashing and running along the track and power by hitting those hanging sacks. You could also try other facilities or you can ask Claire for guidance,” he says.

“I can try,” I say.

“Now, go, I’ll come back later,” he says.

I encourage myself that I have a talent, starting with the track. As soon as I dash through the field, in a second, I see myself standing at the other side of the field which is ten yards apart. Shocked by the talent I have, my body is almost not moving for seconds. Then I heard a voice call my name. I turn back and find Claire behind me. She is almost as tall as me. Perhaps she’s the same age as me.

“Hey, are you new?” she asks.

“Yeah, how do you do?” I say.

“Well, let’s be friends,” she says.

“I’d be glad to,” I say while smiling at her. At this point, I just realized that she’s quite a beauty. Just like roses, beautiful but could be lethal. Several days pass just like that. Claire and I are really good with each other. We always train together, walk, and eat together. People would probably think I’m his boyfriend.

In three weeks, Claire and I have mastered all the techniques of hand-to-hand combat. For a sixteen years old girl, Claire is really good at aiming. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her throwing knives back then. She never misses when she throw blades, even once. I guess it’s her talent. In my side, I made those hanging sacks flying five yards when I hit it. The training room keepers maybe loathe me a lot because I keep breaking those chains. Claire always makes fun of me when I do those flying sack moves, but I’m not mad – We’re best friends.

It’s not too bad living in a place like this, where you could eat more properly and sleep soundly. The plan to find the mysterious valley is likely to be suspended.

Training with Demitrius is no joke, our attacks seem to be easily deflected. He seems to know our weaknesses yet he wants us to discover them by training harder and harder each day. The impacts of my punches and kicks are gradually growing, even my speed. When I am training, I remind myself, this is just another wall to break before finding my parents and protecting people I love.

“Nice shot, girl,” says Demitrius.

“Well, that’s nothing,” says Claire.

“Then throw your knives to me,” he says.

Confidently, she throws her knives towards Demitrius upper body, three knives at once. Then, Demitrius moves only two steps to his left and the knives miss him just like that.

“How could…?” she asks in confusion.

“Do you know how easy for me to predict where you will throw your knives?” he says.

“How?” she asks again.

To be continued…

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