Love Life Advice: Do What You Want For Yourself, Not​ For Love

Hey guys!

I’m back to write a slice of advice for your life based on my life experience, without further ado, here it is:

When you want to do something or to achieve something in your life, make sure you know what you want, what your objective is.

When you already know what you want, tell yourself that you can do it whatever the challenges are.

When you are ready, please do realize that your objective is not to please others or to make someone fall in love with you, DO IT FOR YOURSELF.

When I say do it for yourself, it means you realize what you achieve, no matter how great it is, will not change or affect anybody else but yourself.

If you say, you’d do it for love, it’s not wrong. Love is blind, but don’t sacrifice something for someone who doesn’t love you back. It’s not worth it.

Maybe it’s kinda cliche or something you already heard of, but believe me, when you are in that situation, you don’t realize that you already know.

Good Luck, Guys!!

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