Mionette Cake and Dining – Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta

A cozy minimalistic place with wooden furniture, great ambiance and the bright atmosphere are what I got when I was just dining in here.

Mionette is located in Ground level, Lippo Mall Puri. You can reach it by going outside from Pull and Bear Lobby and turn left.

We ordered Barramundi Sambal Matah (88k), Truffle Beef Stroganoff Linguine (70k), Steak and Egg (85k), Potato Skin Bruschetta (45k). It was not long before they arrive. We also ordered a cup of white peony tea from Jing Tea and 2 iced black tea.


Barramundi sambal matah came with salad and brown butter rice. The barramundi was well cooked but the Balinese sambal matah was a bit sour for my palate, maybe you should tell the waiters to reduce the amount of lime used. The brown rice was really good. The champion is the salad. I am not a vegetable person, but i could eat everything on the plate.


The truffle Beef Stroganoff Linguine came with a big portion, but according to my friend, it’s a bit bland and too creamy although the big chunks of beef would definitely make it up for it.


The Steak and egg, 150gr. the sliced medium cooked steak came on top of sourdough bread, with a poached egg and salad. A great plating, very pretty.
The beef was quite good and everything else is okay. Nothing really makes us want to order it more


Potato Skin Bruschetta was the champion of the day (3pcs/portion). Tasty flavourful potato skin along with the generous amount egg mayo and smoked beef made my day. I could literally swallow down all three alone.


They also part of Common Ground groups which has a good rep. I will go back again to taste more of their cakes and teas. This is definitely a great place for high tea time.

Mionette Cakes and Dining
Lippo Mall Puri @St. Moritz, Ground Level, Jakarta
9 am to 11 pm 
Cost for two: around Rp. 250.000,-



Uncle Tjhin Bistro – PIK, North Jakarta

Last Saturday, I didn’t have anywhere to go then I stumbled upon a restaurant in PIK that’s called Uncle Tjhin. From the name itself, I got the vintage vibe and in my mind, it’s a family restaurant and it will be boring. Along with my BFF, I went here that Saturday. The minute we got into the place, my opinions and thoughts were shattered. Continue reading “Uncle Tjhin Bistro – PIK, North Jakarta”

Sainé Daise Bistro – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

There was no restaurant in PIK that could grab my attention until this Saine Daise came into the food scene at PIK. I always love something french. I’ve tried many french restaurants at South Jakarta but I haven’t seen any in North. So, this place instantly moved up to the top of my trip list. There were hundred of pictures about this place that spread all over Instagram, but I will tell my own experience. Saine Daise was located just beside the Legend of Noodle at PIK. You would never find this place if you search low, because Saine Daise is located at the second floor. There is a cake store called EIO on the first floor. So, you might as well search for the EIO golden sign instead of Saine Daise.



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Liberté – Galleries Lafayette, Jakarta

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sports.”

Traveling in Eid Holiday this year was very convenient. The road were almost deserted, it felt like i’m abroad. That day, me and my family was going to have lunch somewhere, we hadn’t decided where to eat until I remembered that there’s a french restaurant in Galleries Lafayette at Pacific Place. I remembered the name is Liberte but I didn’t know the exact position of the cafe. It didn’t took us long to find it because there was this big glass with Liberte sticker on it. It was like only 11am, so there was no waiter that guide us inside but fortunately there was a waitress that saw us and hurriedly greet us and took us to the best spot in the restaurant. When I was going into the restaurant, there’s this French atmosphere all around me; with the beautiful wall decorations and tablescape. I’ve always loved anything French. It gives me a feeling of being in love, warm, and it feels like home.

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