For you guys who haven’t read the previous part, here is the link: Part 1 – Intro: The Call,  Part 2 – Intro: The Meeting, Part 3 – A Secret Task

Part 4: THE BASE

It takes only five minutes for the plane to take us to the base. The base is surely breathtaking as it’s seen from plane’s window. It’s located on the hill of Veinhegard. As I step on the ground, I feel the cool wind blow past through me. Although it’s the base of the guardian, it feels like heaven because it is so peaceful. We pass through the giant gate which is automatically opened when Harlain put the badge numbered one in the slot. Practically, I am astonished by such technology they have. Every guardian has his or her own badge. The badge itself is very distinctive in shape. Continue reading “GUARDIANS OF THE NORTH Web Series – PART 4”