The Poem: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

I still don’t believe there is an unconditional love, human with compassion. If there is anyone with that kind of capacity, it will be one in a million. I never saw anyone on that extent, I always think that love is always filled with reasons and without them, there is no love. Love will die with time, so I make this poem to express it:

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Mental & Emotional Corner: Do You Love or Fear?

Love or Fear? Who is running your business?

Weeks ago, I went to have a sharing session in SCTV Tower, Central Jakarta. The sharing session took place in a new established community called Sane Step Community. This community welcomes all people who really wants to taste the fresh water after spending time in the desert of life. Who really seek refuge after depressing moments in their life. In this session, the community welcomed a great mentor, Mr. Gobind Vashdev (Gobind Vashdev Official Site – Home), to speak about Love and Compassion on Valentine’s Day.

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