Mental & Emotional Corner: Feeling Unneeded and Lost

“You sometimes think you want to disappear, but all you really want is to be found.”

Do you ever feel not needed by your peers? When they are planning a trip to somewhere awesome they just don’t realize that you are there. They never bother to call you. If you are an extroverted person, then maybe you could approach them like it’s nothing, but when you are an introverted person, you will feel separated from them psychologically; like they exclude you from their inner circle indirectly. Like when they are all taking pictures but you are not invited, so you are pretending to be busy all the time. Like when you, yourself, don’t know which circle you are actually belong to and no one give a damn about that. I know how you feel, it hurts.

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The Ultimate Goal: How to Live Like Him (Pt. 2)

In my previous post, I shared how we could try to live like Him, but do you know that everything in life has process? When we try to live like him, we will go through processes, for example, if you want to build a table from a log, you have to cut the log, shape it, nail it, and chisel it to make it like a table. Do you realize that we are like that log, He wanted us to be a beautiful table, so He put us through the processes like being nailed, saw, and chiseled. Is it an enjoyable process? Is it a short process? No, it’s long and painful processes, but at the end of the story, the table will be beautiful. It’s not impossible that we could live like Him.

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Mental & Emotional Corner: 3 Major Things You Need to Get Over Somebody

“I stopped waiting for your call, your text: a message, a breath. I let myself start wishing we’d never met” – Niocra Kladsflem

If you love someone, it doesn’t always mean you have to make them yours, it sounds very cliché. Many people is now believing that when we love someone, we have to chase them so hard until they get them as a boyfriend/girlfriend. If they are rejected, they will find another to be hunted and try to make them as their honey. For me, this looks like a hunting season which I found very inconvenient, disturbing, and pathetic.

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Mental & Emotional Corner: Unrequited Love Part 2

Sometimes, falling in love is not a blessing but a disaster. When you fell in love a wrong person, someone who shouldn’t be loved by you, someone who will never love you back, someone who doesn’t even  know you will have that feeling, you are trapped.

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Mental & Emotional Corner: It’s So Hard to Forgive

Some people might have the luxury to be able to forgive someone in days, but others could take months, years, decades, or never. -Andrew Wiradinata (Author)

It’s been a hard month but finally, I urge myself to comeback and write something. Today, I am making a new topic called Mental & Emotional Corner. In this corner, I will try to write about all kind of things related to mental and emotional state of a human. Maybe you guys will find this as a boring topic but this is one of the most important part of a human life and you should know.

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