Mionette Cake and Dining – Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta

A cozy minimalistic place with wooden furniture, great ambiance and the bright atmosphere are what I got when I was just dining in here.

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Waroeng Mama Ong – Simprug Gallery, Blok M, South Jakarta

I’ve planned to go to this place for two months already. Initially, I was going to go here with only my bff but along the way, there are two more good friends of mine that we invited along to savor the goodness of humble food. This place is called Waroeng Mama Ong. It was located at Simprug Gallery, South Jakarta. It was not the easiest place to find, but luckily, we managed to see the black signboard at the front of Simprug Gallery. The place was only at the right-hand side from the entrance to this gallery.   Continue reading “Waroeng Mama Ong – Simprug Gallery, Blok M, South Jakarta”

Uncle Tjhin Bistro – PIK, North Jakarta

Last Saturday, I didn’t have anywhere to go then I stumbled upon a restaurant in PIK that’s called Uncle Tjhin. From the name itself, I got the vintage vibe and in my mind, it’s a family restaurant and it will be boring. Along with my BFF, I went here that Saturday. The minute we got into the place, my opinions and thoughts were shattered. Continue reading “Uncle Tjhin Bistro – PIK, North Jakarta”

Pantjoran Tea House – Glodok, Kota, Jakarta

Do you guys know Pancoran? A place where you could find almost anything in lower price and it’s more like a place with lots of traditional shops but who knows that in Pancoran there is actually a place where you could have high tea with dim sum and you could take a ton of photos just because it’s so insta-worthy. The place called Pantjoran Tea House. I just knew this place when i saw the updates from the fellow bloggers there. So, me and my BFF decided that we need to go there and after we went to FIKA Public Eatery in Sunter, we went to this place with ex-colleague. Continue reading “Pantjoran Tea House – Glodok, Kota, Jakarta”

Coffee Aya-Muara Karang, North Jakarta

To be honest, although I have been living in Muara Karang, I don’t know that this new place exists, seriously. I just happened to pass in front of it after my meal in Pasar Muara Karang at lunch time. Seriously, they need to make the signage of the coffee shop bigger!! I mean who would see that small black signage in front of the dark grayish background. It’s only written “aya” with a tree as a logo. Personally, I was so in love with the design. Simple and artistic.  Continue reading “Coffee Aya-Muara Karang, North Jakarta”

FIKA Public Eatery – Sunter, North Jakarta

It’s the day after Christmas. Me and my colleagues decided to meet after pushing back the dates quite some time. We wanted to surprise a colleague of mine so we tried to set the meeting place near her office which is in North Jakarta. I searched on the internet a decent place to eat our lunch and one place got my attention. Honestly, I had never heard of this place before. It’s Fika Public Eatery in Sunter, North Jakarta. I didn’t have any hard time going to this place. I only followed Google Maps and voila, we arrived.

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Gyros Alley – Panglima Polim, Melawai, South Jakarta

It’s been a long time that I’ve wanted to visit this place. Some months ago, my bff wanted to eat middle eastern kind of food, so we found that from the restaurant lists, there was a restaurant that stood up because the design of the outlet was so beautiful and it looked like it was inspired from Santorini. We were like so excited, so after months of procrastinating, we did visit this restaurant like week ago. I know this was not a new establishment, but I think it’s still worthy of being reviewed even after all this time.


So, it’s actually not very far from Senayan area. It was located at Panglima Polim, Melawai area. It’s quite far from where we lived, so it took us a long time to clear up the schedule to come here. It’s not that hard to find because there was this blue circle sign beside the road and big kebab neon box there.


From the front, I could see why the door was the favorite spot to take an ootd photos. The door was beautiful, blue, the floor was also made from Santorini-alike stones. There were this beautiful hanging lamps and pink flowers that made a perfect addition to the settings. We also couldn’t rest to take photos even before we went into the restaurant because it’s that beautiful.


We went there at almost 12pm but it’s not that crowded yet, so we could choose where we want to be seated. The first floor was so dark and it’s bad for capturing photos, so we requested to be seated on the balcony of the second floor just so we could the best natural lights.

We ordered a plate of Mediterranean Lamb Fried Rice (58k), one plate of falafel (45k), and one plate of Gyros Chicken Souvlaki (55k). For the drinks, we ordered a glass of Mango Kefir Lassies (35k) and a bottle of ginger lemon Kombucha (45k).


The mediterranean lamb fried rice was quite good and worth it. Not to mention the portion is big, the chef was also being generous of giving us many chopped lamb meats and we were totally digging it so much. The lamb meat was quite tender and the rice was well cooked.  Although, it was a little bit sour for our taste.


Falafel was fritter balls of chickpeas mixed with green herbs served with tzadziki sauce. We thought it was something like meatballs, so we tried it. In the end, we couldn’t even finish it because it wouldn’t match our palate. Sorry, I just couldn’t chew it for more than three seconds even with the sauce because the smell and weird taste. so, make sure you think twice before ordering this one.


The Gyros Chicken Souvlaki was the star of the day. The chicken meat was really good and it was well-marinated and cooked. The pita bread was totally my favorite. It was not hard to chew and has a hint of sweetness in it.  I will totally order this one if I ever come here again. This is a must-try menu from Gyros.


Kefir lassies was cultured fermented milk with enzym and friendly microorganism that will help you in balancing your digestive system. The taste was totally like mango smoothies and we liked it very much. They said kombucha was refreshing fermented organic herbal tea. We ordered ginger lemon, so the taste was a bit too sour for our palate and it had kind of soda taste to it. It’s refreshing though. If you like light sour drinks, go for this one.


It’s a nice experience to be able to taste a middle eastern food in this town. I mean it wouldn’t be your everyday meal. We seldom find ourselves craving for this kind of menu but it could be a fine choice if you are bored with american, european, chinese, and indonesian food. They should do more promotions and twist the taste so it would fit better to Indonesian people’s palate.

Gyros Alley
Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 8, Melawai, South Jakarta
021 7269877
11am to 11pm (Closed on Monday)