Coffee Kulture – Baywalk Garden

Last Saturday was a sleepy day, I was sleeping like 10 hours then I also took a nap. Anyway, to make myself out of the blue, I called my bestie to join me for afternoon coffee, more like evening coffee though. We went to Baywalk Garden and visited Coffee Kulture. I honestly shocked to see there was a tunnel below the Baywalk Mall. I didn’t know it, i was so late. To find it, you have to take the escalator down from the lobby to the ATM place. Then you’ll see signs how to reach the Baywalk Garden.

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Begonia Garden – Maribaya, West Java

Back in July last year, I was visiting a  small yet pretty garden that grows a lot of flowers. It is called Begonia Garden. It is located at Puncak, West Java. Originally, I thought this place is a big garden, but actually it isn’t. It could hosts around 200 people. After that, you will felt trapped because the trail isn’t big enough to accommodate those visitors.

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