Korean Black Bean Noodle (Jajangmyeon) Easy Recipe

Hi i want to share my jajangmyeon recipe. You can eat like BTS now, like a Korean! You can make it yourself at home. You guys must have somehow missing Korean Food just because nowadays we have to be at home and you guys watched so many Korean Dramas endorsing this food. I mean who can stand it when they slurped up the noodles. You guys can make it your own without having to worry about hygiene if you opt for take out.


2 Onion
2 tbs Lemon Water
250gr Chicken Thigh
7 tbs cooking oil
300gr Chunjang Sauce
2 tsp Ginger Powder
Leeks / Scallion
2-3 tsp Sugar
1 tbs oyster sauce
2-3 tbs chicken stock
400 ml Water
2 tbs All purpose Flour
4 tbs water

That’s It Guys!!! easy right?