The Ultimate Goal: How to Live Like Him (Pt. 1)

In this life, we are always thought that we have to do good in every aspects of our life, but as we grow up, there are many toxic factors that will make sure that we would never achieve goodness in everything. It’s all coming back to us, whether we really want to have fun without considering anything or we tailor every aspects of our life to be a life suit that could save us one day. As a Christian, I was taught how to life my life like God, How to be like God?

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10 Things You Should Know about Introverts

Until now, I often see many personality discrimination occurred in companies around the world. It saddened me. Both introverts and extroverts have their own valuable qualities, so it’s not fair to judge one another but work together to find a greater achievement.

As the title suggests, I would like to share my knowledge from a book I just read. The book is called Quiet by Susan Cain. I just to curious about the world of Introverts, because I saw many people see Introverts as something out of this world, not fun at all to be with. They can’t make people happy, they’re no fun. I fed up with those kind of people all my life.

As Introverts, I really enjoyed reading this book. There are 10 things I’d like to share with all of you guys. Some facts that might open your eyes when you look at an introvert.

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Mental & Emotional Corner: Five Treasures of Life

These days I’ve been so busy even in the weekends so today I am coming back to elaborate my pastor’s sermon without making it religious. This is basically just knowledge for you guys.

There are five treasures that humans have. They are spirituality, family, relationship, physical, and material. I will explain them briefly, one by one.

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Leadership: The Snake and The Dove



This one is kind of hard to answer, I know. You will think that your superiors are not your family or even friends, so they won’t think much about you, they would just meet you at the office everyday as superiors. Maybe they don’t even know a tiny bit of your life and honestly, most of them don’t even care. But hold on, some of your superiors are maybe your best friends that might want to listen to your problems, even about your personal life.

Beside The Lion and The Porcupine, I have also seen other types of superior so far, The Snake and The Dove. I will elaborate them in a simple manner.

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Leadership: Kebiasaan Buruk Para Pemimpin

Leadership: Kebiasaan Buruk Para Pemimpin

“Pemimpinmu juga manusia, mereka bisa berbuat salah maupun jahat.”

Pernahkah kalian mendengar kalimat di atas terucap oleh temanmu? Tentu saja pemimpin jugalah seorang manusia, bisa berbuat salah dan jahat, tapi apakah seorang pemimpin harus selalu mengulangi kesalahan dan perbuatan jahatnya? Jawabannya TIDAK.

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Leadership: A Leader

Sebagaimana telah kita ketahui, di dalam sebuah team pasti akan ada seorang pemimpin. Tugasnya adalah menggiring para anggotanya bersama-sama bekerja mencapai tujuan yang ingin dicapai.  Dewasa ini, pemilihan pemimpin berdasarkan voting terbanyak masih menjadi cara yang paling sering digunakan.

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