3 Lessons Learned in Mourning Time

Nothing would ever come from something easy, Be Strong! At least, that is something that people would say when we are struggling with our problems. They say that just to console us and make us stronger. That’s a good thing to do, but there’s no changing in us even after we heard that for quite several times. You are still grieving because of your problems.

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5 Signs of Wise People

People are trying hard to be clever. They go to the universities, attend courses, and do internship just to get those knowledge to let them go further in the cognitive zone. They often forget that cleverness is not all. Clever people could become a toxic person if they don’t use their cleverness in the right way. So, people always say they want to become wiser once they get older and older. But what is the quality of being a wiser person? There are 5 characteristics that wise people have or should have: Continue reading “5 Signs of Wise People”

Leadership: Kebiasaan Buruk Para Pemimpin

Leadership: Kebiasaan Buruk Para Pemimpin

“Pemimpinmu juga manusia, mereka bisa berbuat salah maupun jahat.”

Pernahkah kalian mendengar kalimat di atas terucap oleh temanmu? Tentu saja pemimpin jugalah seorang manusia, bisa berbuat salah dan jahat, tapi apakah seorang pemimpin harus selalu mengulangi kesalahan dan perbuatan jahatnya? Jawabannya TIDAK.

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