For you guys who haven’t read the previous part, here is the link: Part 1 – Intro: The Call & Part 2 – Intro: The Meeting


“Don’t you think you could actually find your parents in The West if you find the valley?” Lucius asks in a serious and intriguing manner.

I am shocked by his question. “The valley is in the middle of four countries; hence it would be possible to infiltrate the other countries through the underground passage in the valley?” I say.

“Exactly, how’s that?” Lucius asks.
“This is going to be big news if we’re busted,” I say bluntly.
“Then, don’t be,” he says.
“Besides, how are you going to find the entrance to the valley? No one has ever seen the valley,” I ask.
“Well, it’s not impossible to find it. We will depart when you are ready. Prepare yourself,” He says calmly.

I am not in the position to turn down the offer. I have to tell Hedrix soon and I bet he will be very mad at me for leaving him to be the cashier. Honestly, I don’t really know what the Provost will do if he finds the valley but there’s something deep inside my head that  keeps telling me to find the mysterious Valley. A day passed and I haven’t told Hedrix anything.

I finished packing all the things I need to bring including some dried foods, flashlight, rope, and other necessary things. Before going to the provost’s office, I visit Leabhar to tell Hedrix about my journey with the provost.

“Hedrix, I would like to tell you something,” I say.
“What is that, my deer?” he asks.
“I’m going somewhere far away with the Provost,” I say solemnly.
“To Lushka, Mannard, or Veinhegard?” he asks curiously.
“Well, it’s a secret between me and the Provost, please understand,” I beg.
“Do you work for him now?” he asks.
“Not really, but I’ve been assigned with a secret task,” I say.
“Interesting, when do you come home?” he asks with sorrowful voice.
“One week, one month, or I don’t know,” I say.

I try to ensure him that I will be safe with the Provost and I will come home soon. He looks miserable and hugs me so tight before I departed.


I walk to the Provost office enthusiastically. As soon as I reach the office entrance, there is a blonde girl and a giant black man with shining golden armors stand guarding the entrance. They look at me with no expressions. It must be the guardians.

“Stay away kid. We don’t want to harm you,” says the blonde girl.
“I have an appointment with the Provost,” I say.
“The Provost is having a meeting. Go away for now,” says the giant black man.

Their auras are so frightening hence I turn away and start walking out from the office building until there’s a sound calling me. It is the Provost.

“Elnias, come on in,” he says.
“You are having a meeting, don’t you?” I ask.
“Just come in,” he says. Inside his office, I see a tall man with brown wavy hairs sit down elegantly, accompanied by the two guardians from before and Lanc.
“I introduced you to Harlain Brics, the head of the guardians. And this is Arielle Eve the fourth, and Demetrius Rave the third,” says Lucius.
“It’s an honor to meet you all,” I say.

Harlain looks at me intensely and begins to nod several times. Then he smiles and calls my name.
“Elnias, what a coincidence to meet a massively talented boy like you,” says Harlain.

Everybody in the rooms turns their gazes upon me. Rumor says he is able to tell people their talents just by looking at them and I guess it’s true.
“I don’t even know that I have a talent,” I say humbly.
“Well, it’s time for you to know. Follow me,” says Harlain. I am so confused about this sudden escort and I turn to look at Lucius.
“Comeback when you are ready,” says Lucius.

Obediently, I follow them to the office yard and suddenly they stop walking. Arielle raises her left hand up to the sky and breathes out some words, which seem to be “Venier Mie Pajarose”. An ancient language which means “Come to me my bird.” From the sky above, I see a jet landing on the yard then the door opens slowly. I am speechless by the view I just saw. Never in my life, I saw a plane and it is right in front of my eyes now. I wonder if I can also do that or perhaps not.


“Let’s go,” says Arielle. Demetrius pushes me softly to board the plane. When all of us have to get on the plane, the door closes and all of us sit down in a big seat.
“Here, let me help you,” says Arielle. She is kind enough to help me with the seatbelt. The machine starts roaring and the plane shoots to the sky in seconds.
“Where are we going?” I ask.
“To the place where everyone is talented, The Base,” says Harlain.

(TBC – To be Continued)…

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For you guys who haven’t read the previous part, here is the link: Part 1 – Intro: The Call


“Certainly, your honor,” I say.

Apparently, I’m excited and spend the rest of the day reading the Mysterious Valley in my house. It’s not an easy task. The book contains more than two thousand pages. I don’t want to disappoint the Provost, thus I have to finish reading it soon. As soon as I reach one thousand pages, I feel asleep hence I throw myself onto the bed. Continue reading “GUARDIANS OF THE NORTH Web Series – PART 2”


I will introduce you to a story that I personally made. This story is called Guardians of The North. Initially, I want to make an action-fantasy novel from this story but since I have only limited time to write it, I guess I will make a web series from this story. I will try to update it weekly. Hope you guys like it. Without further ado, this is Guardians of The North.

PART 1 – Intro: THE CALL

The sunlight penetrates the pores of my old curtains and it wakes me up. I open my eyes and grab the edge of small table beside my bed to help me sit. The clock shows 07:15 am, I’m startled. Hedrix will be mad at me if I come late. I’m currently working as a cashier in a large bookstore downtown called Leabhar. You could probably find any books in there if you patiently enough. I put on a yellow loose cloth and black pants, then I run to the store as fast as I can. Continue reading “GUARDIANS OF THE NORTH Web Series – PART 1”